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Little Acorns is a place for me to share tidbits that I found valuable or interesting, but are too brief for their own posts. Even the smallest ideas can help build a greater understanding of the world around you, so grow your mind with this roundup of facts, anecdotes, tips, and more.


FYI: I didn’t like the balance of content on the site overall when I was doing these weekly (too many of these in a row, because my long-form posts take a bit of time to write). So, these are now a “whenever I feel like it” kind of deal. Expect it biweekly-ish!


The Science of Skincare

I spent most of the last couple weeks writing and researching a mega post about skincare. I already knew pretty much all of the basic routine stuff, and had memorized which ingredients helped each skin type when I was a beginner. But while I was fact-checking everything, I learned a lot about where ingredients come from, and why certain ingredients do what they do. For example, horse oil comes from horses already being slaughtered for meat in other countries, and it’s too expensive to raise them for oil alone since each horse has very low body fat. And it’s such an effective moisturizer because its acid composition is more similar to human sebum than other livestock.

So if you’re interested in why your products work the way they do (or want to start a skincare routine):

Read the full post here!


FoodStuff- Expiration Dates: Best if Listened By (9/15/17)

A common misconception about food industry lingo is causing massive food waste! Expiration dates are dates printed on the packaging of food and drinks that are the date recommended by the manufacturer that you should consume the product by. That’s right, with the exception of baby formula and refrigerated perishables, these dates are not regulated by the government. Instead, they’re usually determined by a panel of food testers that the manufacturer hires.

In addition, they’re not usually about food safety at all, but rather the dates recommended for best flavor, texture, etc. (or to get you to buy food more frequently, depending on how much of a cynic you are).

Listen to the podcast here!

(Also, less practical, but interesting: Feed your PSL obsession and get some fun Halloween trivia with their podcast on Pumpkins!)


Video: Painting Cabinets

One of my friends hosted a video about painting cabinets! She did a great job, and I think it’s really useful information, so I wanted to share. You can generally use these same tips for other furniture as well.

Painting is a fantastic, frugal way to update your home without paying a fortune in renovations. Just pick a color you love, and maybe throw on some new hardware!

Watch the video here!


Boss’ Day is October 16th

Don’t forget to grab a card and/or gift if you want to celebrate!

Read about the holiday here!


Part Time Genius- 9 Strange, Fun, and Wonderful Non-Profits We Just Learned About (9/28/17)

A short podcast about a few oddly named or interesting non-profits! As a pretty DIY-obsessed person, I was especially interested in Knitted Knockers. I really want to try contributing! (First step: Learn how to knit.)

Listen to the podcast here!


Lesson Learned: Don’t Assume the Worst About People!

My boyfriend and I have a little veggie/fruit garden on our back patio. We’ve been frustrated because every time our strawberries get ripe, they disappear!! There was no damage to the leaves and it’s only the ripe ones, so we figured it wasn’t a deer. The only other wildlife we regularly see are cats, which wouldn’t be interested in strawberries.

So, naturally, we assumed someone was picking and eating them. But most of our neighbors have been pretty kind to us, so we were both angry and sad to think that we might have a thief in the neighborhood.

However, my parents visited this weekend, and this morning my mom happened to be standing on our back patio when a skunk wandered up! Apparently he came around the corner and made a beeline for our plants, but changed course when he saw my mom and dug through a neighbor’s recycling bin instead.

So mystery solved, it was a smart little skunk stealing the ripe fruit!  We spent months feeling irritated and suspicious for no reason at all. Lesson learned, I guess!


Random Cleaning Reminder

Lift up or move your appliances, from your microwave to your dryer, and clean underneath and in between them. Those gross areas get missed by regular counter and floor cleaning!


Did you learn anything interesting or useful recently? I want to hear it! Share your knowledge with everyone in the comments or on social media!

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