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Almost half a year ago, I made a few videos to try out a new hobby: vlogging! It actually ended up being incredibly fun, and I learned a lot of new video production skills in the process.

I had tons of ideas for content floating around in my head, but had trouble actually producing finished projects in a timely manner because of the way I was making them. I couldn’t share all of the info I thought was interesting and important, without making the videos super long! And that’s a headache at every step: filming, editing, and watching.

Sharing my ideas on self-improvement is something I feel passionate about, so I only want to give you my best effort! Therefore, I decided that before filming anything else, I should take a step back and get a little more organized.

It was difficult to not produce any content during the last few months. With long-term projects, it can often feel frustrating, because unfinished works in progress don’t match the dream for your final product. But I firmly believe that good planning skills can save you from more problems down the road- a sort of variation of “measure twice, cut once.”

So I did just that! I figured out a way to solve my content and production problems(add a blog!), and then went ahead and put it together. I brainstormed about my overall message and goals, instead of single video ideas, and got a more focused idea of what I want to accomplish. From there, I got to do some of the more fun finishing touches like picking a new, fitting name.

But in retrospect, I don’t regret taking so much time, because now I can proudly introduce the brand new

Victorious Attitude!!






So, welcome! There are still a few small planned tweaks and improvements coming up, but in the meantime, I’m going to start getting blog posts and videos up as soon as possible. So let me know in the comments if you have any requests~

Thanks for all the love and support!

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